An Eye-Catching Logo

white marble texture background (High resolution).

Hey Guys!

How many of you read the last blog post and have come up with your brilliant idea for your business? Or have done some research and have come up with a design direction you want to go with for rebranding your business?

If you didn't read the last blog post you should really go back and check it out! A little recap, start by coming up with and developing a brilliant idea. Find out what you are passionate about and start brainstorming on how you can make YOUR PASSION YOUR MONEY MAKER!

I mentioned that there are only 5 things you need in order to have an AMAZING brand; a brilliant idea, an eye-catching logo, beautiful colors and fonts, a stationary package and a knock-out website. 

Designing a logo is the MOST challenging part of developing your brand, at least I think so. It took me several trial runs to come up with a logo that I was proud of and exited about. The logo on the left was the very first logo I designed for myself and the logo on the right is my current logo. Don't laugh, I know the first one is kind of a bucket of cheese. :)

white marble texture background (High resolution).

I totally used my first logo for all of my projects and stationary. Ordering a lot of business cards with a logo you aren't 100% sure about is expensive...don't do it! If you aren't sure about your logo or feel like it's missing something, DON'T order it on anything just yet. Ask some of your friends or family what they think about it. Social medial is a great tool for getting feedback now days, upload a picture of it to Facebook and ask your Facebook friends if they have any suggestions. Make sure to ask for constructive criticism though and not just what their thoughts are, you might get randomness in some responses that aren't helpful.

If you are nervous about showing your logo off to the world or blasting it on social media, feel free to ask design companies who give free design consultations! This is something I love to do for people looking for honest design opinions. I like to offer free design consultations for all my clients if they choose to have one or if there is something they would like to discuss and get ideas on. I've seen other design firms offer the same, you just have to look around on their websites to see if that is something they offer. Sometimes it's easier to have someone with a creative background and eye for design help generate ideas for your logo. 

  Sample logos that you can find on Pinterest that I like

Another really good way to come up with your "eye-catching logo" is to use Pinterest! I LOVE Pinterest and use it for almost everything. A blogger I follow, Melyssa Griffin, (who has so many good tips and suggestions for how to use Pinterest and other blogging tips) said that Pinterest is really a search engine like Google or Bing and should be used as such. When I first heard that, I just sat there shaking my head because she was totally right. Instead of using Google to look up different logo designs or catalog designs, I use Pinterest. Above are some sample logos that you can find on Pinterest that I like. Some people think that Pinterest is for girls, my boyfriend being one of those people...UNTIL...I showed him that there were cars on there as well (which totally changed his thinking). Men, right?! SMH Anyways...try using Pinterest to look up the kind of style you are wanting for your "eye-catching logo" and see what others have done. It's a great starting place for generating your own ideas for ANY design project you have for creating an AMAZING brand. 

So, to wrap up this super long blog post, use Pinterest as a research tool for generating logo ideas for your "eye-catching logo" or use social media to help with getting feedback on a logo you already have! Your friends and family are another great way to get honest feedback on your logo idea or your existing logo. If you want feedback or someone to help you with creating your "eye-catching logo", you can always message me for a free design consultation or ask another design firm for one as well. I am always happy to help those who are looking to bring their ideas to life and turn their passion into their money maker!

Till next time,
Amanda :)