A Brilliant Idea

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Hey Guys!

Are you starting a new adventure with your own business? Or are you taking on the challenge of rebranding? :)

Branding can be challenging, especially if you don't exactly know where to start. When I started my own business, Rich Studio Designs, I was lucky enough to have an extremely talented professor and a classroom full of other graphic design students who were more than willing to give you their HONEST opinion on your designs. 

I've found that you really only need 5 things to have an AMAZING brand:

  1. A brilliant idea

  2. An eye-catching logo

  3. Beautiful colors and fonts

  4. Stationary package

  5. A knock-out website

Some of you are probably wondering why "a brilliant idea" is first on the list or even on there at all! Here's why I listed it first. Having a brilliant idea is the first step because without one, what will your business be about? Now, I know that sounds dumb because, duh Amanda, you have to have an idea about what your business will be...but I've found that's not always the case with people. 

I've talked with some people who are stuck in a 9-5 job that they LOATHE and are dying for a change but don't know how to go about doing it. They know that they want to start their own business but aren't sure what it should be yet...and even sometimes, they like certain colors and fonts and try to build a business around those two things...thinking to themselves, "I really like teal, what could I do that looks good with teal?" Trust me...i've really heard that before! 


When thinking of brilliant ideas on what your business could be, ask yourself these questions:

  • What am I passionate about?

  • What would I enjoy doing day in and day out for the rest of my life?

  • If I could do ANYTHING in the world, and NOT have to worry about money...what would it be?

By figuring out what you enjoy the most, you have set the ball in motion for really developing that brilliant idea! Let's say for example, you LOVE dogs. You want to play with them, snuggle with them, be around them and take care of them. You're AMAZING with dogs and they just seem to love you back. How can you turn that passion into a way to make money? Start researching way to make money by hanging out with dogs! By seeing what others have done, it helps with generating ideas on what YOU can do. Do research on the different businesses in the area that deal with dogs, are there lots of dog walkers? Are there lots of doggie daycares? I know first hand that doggie daycares are a HUGE thing in San Diego...and picking one that you feel comfortable with can be challenging. Again, this is just an example of a brainstorming session on finding that brilliant idea that you can turn into your money maker. BTWs...if this example sounded like something you'd really be into, I'd check out Camp Run a Mutt! :) 

Just to recap folks, coming up with "a brilliant idea" is just the start of your adventure for owning your own business or taking on the challenge of rebranding. Remember, you've got this! You deserve to have your dream job and live your life as fully as possible!

Till next time,
Amanda :)